Many retail products advertised as “CBD oil” are really just broad spectrum Hemp Oil. They contain all the different phytocannabinoids (except for THC), and actually have only a small amount of true CBD. This is an important distinction. CBD is the most important of these compounds, as it has the highest affinity for the cannabinoid receptors in the body.

Check the label of the products sold in many stores and on the internet. They will list the amount of hemp oil present, or the total amount of cannabinoids, or some number that is meant to hide the fact that the actual CBD content is either low or unknown. It is also important to understand the extraction processes used to derive the CBD and that it is free of harmful chemicals, such as pesticides.

And while you are at it, check the prices of these products. Because there is a consumer demand, the prices are high. And because consumers may not understand what they are buying, many are overpaying for a product that is far less pure than what is available.

“I use CYTO CBD for my patients because it verifiably offers the highest purity I have found in a CBD product, and maximizes clinical outcomes every time. Hemp oil is everywhere. But CYTO CBD is a cut above. It is my clear clinical choice for a medical grade product.”

Make sure to do your research, the good brands, like CYTO CBD, will clearly list the measured amount of CBD on the label. Additionally, brands like CYTO CBD even have a QR Code on the label that can be scanned for access to the Certificate of Analysis which shows the entire purity details and testing.