In an independent investigation1, nine different CBD products from different manufacturers were tested for true CBD content. Of the nine, ZERO of the products actually contained the CBD content listed on the label, some even less than 25%. Oils, capsules, and gummies were all tested by a verified third-party lab. In a separate investigation2, twenty different products were tested, with most of them containing less than 75% of their label claims.


Unfortunately, in an industry where many laws and regulations are still being put in place, some companies are attempting to profit quickly and dangerously. Additionally, CBD content can be affected by the particular hemp plant that it is being extracted from. Most growers and extractors mix multiple plants and strains and have an “assumed value” of CBD extraction. That is what it published on the label, inaccurately in most cases.

The CYTO Difference

CYTO uses advanced agricultural technology and methods to assure high CBD content as per every product label:

  1. Soil Analysis – Before the seed is even planted, the soil is tested for nutrients to ensure the plant can grow healthy and with a rich phytocannabinoid profile.

  2. Seed Germination – Testing on every seed takes place to ensure the growing plant will not be affected by various weather conditions. A healthy soil breeds the seed into a healthy, nutritious plant and with proper planning and testing, it will be protected throughout the harvest.

  3. Consistency – Though most farms are incapable of doing so, CYTO products are derived from plants that use one of the most innovative cultivation methods in the industry. By cloning the hemp plant, each plant within the farm is practically identical, offering a similar yield, nutrient panel, and output.

By cloning every hemp plant to be identical, CYTO CBD content remains the same as it is extracted from every plant through Super Critical CO2 Extraction. This gentle and efficient extraction process protects the nutrients of the plant and produces a similar CBD content profile through every single extraction.