Don’t let the gray area fool you, CBD is here, and people are finding value in it.

There is new information and literature focused on CBD being published almost daily. The medical community awaits more human trial data, however the early information available at this stage is quite impressive. Apart from the recent FDA approval of Epidiolex, indicated for the treatment of seizures, human studies on stress, anxiety, sleep, and even PTSD have recently been published showing impressive CBD success rates.

This study, featured in Forbes (February 2019) reported that 51% of seniors (ages 54+) reported an improved quality of life after taking CBD.

“42% of the seniors surveyed said they were taking the CBD to deal with inflammation, and 40.9% to deal with chronic pain. 38.6% said they were giving CBD a try in order to deal with poor sleep quality, and 31.8% used CBD to deal with arthritis pain. And it’s working. 61.1% of the seniors that tried CBD said that it helped reduce their pain, and 45.6% reported improved sleep quality. Seniors also reported having reduced anxiety, stress relief, and a more positive mood.”
As the senior population faces some of the most challenging health issues, this data is encouraging regarding the potential of CBD in all populations.

Yahoo Lifestyle (March 2019) recently published an article about how even celebrities are finding benefits in CBD, but does acknowledge the need for more research:

There is some research that backs up these claims, but it’s not much, Seth Ammerman, MD, a clinical professor at Stanford University, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “CBD does seem to have potential therapeutic benefits, but there’s very little research out there,” he says. “We need a lot more.”
CBD research will be tracked closely over the next few years, hopefully with positive news for those that have not yet found relief in certain symptoms. While the need for more data is undeniable, so are the early reviews and information - showing a lot of promise for the future of CBD as a potential treatment.