Full Control from Seed to Shelf

By being a fully integrated company with farm, processing, and distribution capabilities, Slyngshot Health uniquely offers full control and transparency to CYTO CBD from the science of the soil to the high purity final product, supported by the latest science and clinical data.


Our team of physicians, pharmacists, and agricultural scientists closely collaborate to produce a high purity and U.S organic product that is not only safe, but specifically engineered to meet the needs of the human endocannabinoid system (ECS).


Our agricultural scientists and process engineers use novel technology to perform soil analysis and seed germination to create a nutritious and safe environment for each hemp plant to grow. This leads to a final plant rich in beneficial phytocannabinoids and clean of any contaminants.


The processing facilities have passed over 2000 inspections, assuring of the highest in regulatory and quality standards. The most innovative extraction processes are used to create product of the highest purity in Full Spectrum & THC Free grades.


The CYTO CBD product line is the first of its kind, with full control from seed to shelf. Our high purity, U.S. Organic, solvent/pesticide/metal free hemp extract oils are superior in the market and are endorsed by healthcare providers in clinics and pharmacies all over the world. In development is Blockchain Technology and other capabilities, offering full transparency from seed to shelf.

Medical Approach

Our team of physicians and pharmacists work closely with the agricultural scientists and process engineers to tailor a CBD product that can meet the needs of the ECS. CYTO CBD products are rich in CBD and other phytocannibinoids, THC Free, and are approved by healthcare providers in various therapeutic areas.

Clinical Data

Evidence based practice is the foundation of our focus, and our team of clinicians is dedicated to staying up to date on the latest science and clinical data. Read our latest clinical updates and gain access to our educational webinars and events as well. Our clinical team serves on editorial boards for various CBD medical journals and are influential thought leaders in the industry.